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Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

Integrow Marketing Ltd works alongside growers and exports only the freshest and best quality fruit and vegetables from New Zealand.

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Varieties: Royal Gala, Braeburn, Cox's Orange Pippin, Fuji, Gala, New Zealand Rose, New Zealand Queen, New Zealand Beauty, Granny Smith

Pack type: 13kg RDT, 18kg 'Z' Pack, 20kg Maxi Pack


Varieties: Koyo No. 2 & Nantes

Pack type: 10kg or 20kg carton


Varieties: PLK, Japanese mild variety, red, organic

Pack type: 18/20/25kg bag or bulk bin


Varieties: Delica, Emiguri, Ajihei, Miyako, Kurijiman, Hokkori & organic, we also handle Tongan squash from Oct - Dec

Pack type: 500kg bins or 10kg boxes


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